PLIST 2.4 - Background informations about the PLIST engines and weapons

Table of Contents


I. The Engines

Compared to the original shiplist (OSL), we changed the following:

The names are taken from the PERRY RHODAN series, except the "Improbability" and "Bistromatic" which are from the "HITCH HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY".

Impulse Driveas always build if you want no engines.
Linear Driveold Warp 3
Dimetrans Driveold Warp 5
Dimesexta Driveold Warp 6
Metagrav Driveold Warp 7
Enerpsi Driveold Warp 8
Interuniversal D.expensive, fuel saving Warp 8 Drive
Improbability D.old Warp 9
Bistromatic D.expensive, fuel saving Warp 9 Drive

(old means the same as ALTLIST 3)

II. The Beam Weapons

NameTaken fromRemarks
Laser CannonStar Warslow cost low power laser
Kill-O-ZapHitch Hikerstandard freighter catcher
DesintegratorPerry Rhodan 
PhaserStar Trek 
DisruptorStar Trekcaptures ships with an crew up to 600
Electron RamHitch Hiker 
Ion CannonStar Wars 
Turbolaser B.Star Wars 
Inpotron C.Perry Rhodancaptures ship up to 300 crew members
Multitraf S.Perry Rhodan 

Remark: The Orion Pirates (Privateers) can capture every ship in the game if they get the 10000 shots they need with their Gen code destructors :-).

III. The Tubes and Torpedos

The "Paralyso-Matic Bomb" is taken from the HITCH HIKER, the "Photon Torp" from STAR TREK and all others from PERRY RHODAN.
Mostly the same construction as the Beams. In general you get more destructive per MC if you use lower Torps but you need more time to shoot enough torpedos. This will make cheaper torpedos an alternative. Photon and Antimatter Bombs are a pretty good alternative for Selphyr-Fataro-Devices.


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